ERC Grants: Online Workshop with the Yellow Research

On May 27th there started an online workshop aimed at preparing scientists to apply for ERC grants. The workshop, organized by the Polish Academy of Sciences, was taught by the top Dutch consulting company Yellow Research and gathered around 120 scientists.


Yellow Research is a Dutch consulting company which for over 30 years has been advising scholars how to effectively apply for European grants, including a prestigious funding scheme offered by the European Research Council (ERC). This time, Yellow Research shared their experience with the participants of the workshop organized by the Excellence in Science Department of the PAS.

E-learning and webinars

The workshop was initiated on May 27th with the opening session that took place online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Over 100 scientists at various stages of a scientific career and representing different scientific domains participated in the event.

During the workshop, Lotte Jaspers, an experienced trainer from the Yellow Research, introduced the researchers to the specificity of ERC grants. Not only did she explain what elements are crucial for preparing a grant application, but also she advised the scholars how to choose the right evaluation panel and convincingly present the scientific idea. The presentation was followed by the Q&A session.

After the workshop, all participants received access to the Yellow Research e-learning platform, where they can tutorials, video recordings, and handouts containing detailed information about the ERC application process. After participants will get acquainted with the materials, they will have an opportunity to resolve any occurring doubts during the second webinar, which is planned on June 25th.

ERC grants

Prestigious ERC grants support the pioneering research-based in the European Union. The motto of the program is "high risk - high gain", and the sole criterion for evaluation of ERC proposals is scientific excellence. The grants amount to up to 3.5 million euro per grant. Receiving the ERC grant is one of the most important individual achievements for a scholar.

Support offered to scientists by the PAS

The Polish Academy of Sciences supports researchers from across disciplines in applying for ERC grants. The Excellence in Science Department offers scholars a free of charge help on all stages of preparing an application.

 Source of the information and the photo: Excellence in Science Department of the PAS